Getting U.S. citizenship is a multi-step process called naturalization which involves an application, interview, examination, and oath ceremony. The first step requires you to apply for naturalization to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) using Form N-400 which is called an Application for Naturalization. It is important to complete this form with thorough detail and accuracy so as to avoid unnecessary delays in your case.

Currently, there are immense delays in USCIS’s processing of U.S. naturalization applications which have created a backlog of nearly 730,000 cases and stalled processing times to nearly 20 months. Prior to this backlog, processing times from beginning to end were approximately 6-8 months.

Given such extreme delays in processing times, we recommend you begin your application immediately, if eligible, and we will gladly assist you to expedite your case by ensuring all required evidence is in place prior to submission, and to ensure you face no legal hurdles.