With their sights already set on the 2023 IFA Fistball Men’s World Championship at home in Mannheim, Germany, the World Champions Germany retained their title for the third time in a row, shutting out Austria by a score of 4-0 at the 2019 IFA Men’s Fistball World Championship.

The core of the team remained the same from four years ago, including captain Fabian Sagstetter, whose talents at defense and leadership capabilities have lead the charge for the team in back to back titles.

Under the EB-1 visa regulations, one of the criteria requires evidence of your performance of a leading or critical role in distinguished organizations (i.e. national teams).

An athlete’s captaincy of a national team, such as Sagstetter’s captainacy of Germany’s Men’s Fistball team, may be used to argue this criterion such that their role as captain has been critical to the continued success of the team throughout some number of years (i.e. sustained acclaim) and has made the team one of the best in their sport (i.e. distinguished organization).

This criterion is one that is commonly used for EB-1 Green Card cases for athletes. For further information on your case, please contact our experienced EB-1 Immigration Lawyer.

Official tournament results can be found here.