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Our EB1 Immigration Lawyer is located in Los Angeles, California, close to Hollywood and Beverly Hills in Sherman Oaks.

You may qualify for an EB1 Visa if you are an individual with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.

In order to be qualified for an EB1-A visa, the petitioner must show: he/she has sustained national or international acclaims for his/her achievements, he/she is seeking to enter the United States to continue to work in the field of endeavor that is the subject of the acclaim, and his/her presence and his/her activity will benefit the United States.

Actors, Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, Screenwriters, and other Film Industry Visas.

  • Our EB1 Immigration Lawyer provides immigration services for filmmakers, actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, screenwriters, artists, and others related to filming and production in the United States for your international production crew.
  • Positions may include both above-the-line and below-the-line personnel so long as the individual has sustained national or international acclaim in his/her specific field. Our EB1 Immigration Lawyer will review your case to determine if you are qualified.
  • The filmmaking fields that may qualify for an EB1 Green Card with the assistance of our EB1 Immigration Lawyer, includes, but is not limited to, actors, directors, executive producers, producers, director of photography or cinematographers, screenwriters, writers, editors, animators, assistant directors, art directors, camera operators, casting directors, colorists, composers, costume designers, creative directors, illustrators, film editors, graphic artists, hair stylists, line producers, location managers, make-up artists, music editors, production designers, sound designers, sound editors, sound engineers, special effects artists, special effects supervisors, stage managers, stunt coordinators, stunt performers, talent managers, technical directors, visual effects artists, and much more.

Entertainers, Musicians, Comedians, Television, Media Personalities & More

  • Our EB1 Immigration Lawyer provides EB1 visa services for those involved in the fields of the entertainment industry with high visibility and sustained national or international acclaim.
  • The fields that may qualify for an EB1 Green Card with the assistance of our EB1 Immigration Lawyer, includes, but is not limited to, musicians, comedians, television personalities, news media personalities, news anchors, journalists, animal trainers, broadcast technicians, performing artists, dancers, choreographers, dance teachers, sculptors, painters, voiceover artists, voiceover actors, music agents, artist agents, music directors, program directors, vocal coaches, musicologists, music professors, drama teachers, lighting designers, music video directors, conductors, maestros, director of publicity, public relations representatives, disc jockeys (DJ), video jockeys (VJ), concert producers, festival directors, studio designers, lyricists, opera singers, music publishers, record company executives, recording engineers, songwriters, artistic directors, playwrights, and more.